Felipe Aguilar

Full-Stack Developer
Full Stack Developer currently working as a full-time Javascript developer for a EE.UU company based on Costa Rica. Experience based on Wordpress, Angular, Node.js, and so many technologies related to both frontend and backend. Deep knowledge not only about web development but also project management, networking, and server administration.
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Felipe Alejandro
(+506) 6308-9515
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Formation based on IT Engineer with strong background in technical knowledge such as programming, networking, electronics, project management and so on.

telecommunication engineer

University "Fermin Toro"


CEDEI Academy

Networking formation at Cisco CCNA Academy making use of advanced technical skills based on routing protocols such as RIP V2, OSPF, EIGRP, VPN, and also both architecture and design for large networks infrastructure.

Senior frontend developer certified by Platzi 2013. Technical details: Angular.js, Bootstrap, mixins, closures and advanced Javascript features.

Senior Frontend Developer



Web programming (both frontend and backend), custom development for e-commerce solutions and customs CMS. Development of advanced graphical frontend interfaces.

Full Stack Developer

mdcreativos, c.a 2011 - 2012

Backend & layout developer

Nearsource, Inc. 2013-2014

Development based on primarly PHP programming language, making use of MVC pattern. Skills based on: Magento, Wordpress, Codeigniter, Laravel, SQL Server, Classic ASP, SVN, responsive design.

Development of customs APIs RESTful based on PHP programming language. Experience working related to all frontend development and also javascript templates such as handlebars js and mustache.

Part-time Developer

4Geeks 2014 - Present

Frontend Developer

Rockstar Coders, Inc. 2014 - 2016

Frontend development for Angular js projects. Wordpress development based on advanced features in order to create plugins and themes from scratch.

Frontend development based on angular.js, node.js, express.js, jasmine, gulp, d3.js for chart components. Making use of SCRUM agile methodology on Jira.

Application Developer

Intertec International. 2016 - Present



All related to semantics, API and advanced features such as webstorage, semantic focus on SEO, geolocalitation.

CSS and CSS3 skills for all kind of layout since a simple-color web page until a responsive design based on media queries and more.

Development of strategies to offer a high-quality service in order to improve a better User Experience in web design.

Optimized websites for smartphones, tablets and all mobile devices.

Animations, better user interfaces, and all about to create a modern website with features as fade, hover-animations, fancy pop-ups and so on.

Experience on developing with PHP-only approach, and also handling frameworks such as Codeigniter, Magento, Wordpress and Laravel. Which are based on MVC architecture.

PHP framework with main focus on MVC pattern development, a great tool to create both small and large projects. Also it could be used in order to develop API RESTful as well as landing page.

Experience developing both themes and plugin from scratch. Development of Wordpress site based on wooCommerce - creating themes and plugins for e-commerce solutions.

Framework created to develop web projects with high level performance of security and quality, waranting good practices and professionalism on the way of developing the project itself.

The more powerfull e-commerce solution in the whole internet based on PHP. Experience developing modules from scratch making use of the Magento API.

The frontend language for excellence. Experience working with javascript at all. Including jQuery, jQuery UI, Coffeescript, Angular JS, grunt, node.js, vanilla javascript, jasmine, mocha, chai and so many third-party libraries.

Experience working with the Open Graph protocol and API Facebook for both PHP and Javascript SDK.

Frontend framework created by Google for developing large-scale projects. It has a lot of features in order to improve and make faster the process of development making use of MVC pattern in a frontend scope.

CSS pre-processor that improves development-time when working with many css stylesheets in the same project and getting just one CSS file in the output.

Backend javascript developing custom server for node.js in order to process data and queries in a async way.

Software development making use of TDD approach. Each piece of software will be delivered with its own unit-test.

Advanced knowledge on git for a high-top performance projects working with large groups and organization.

Node.js framework to handle things such as routing, request server, and so on


Angular js


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